The Narcissists / Elizabeth Heyert

Sei Swann, 2009. Hard Cover.  First Edition. 11 x 14 Inches. 124 pages, 81 full page color photos, some foldout. he Narcissists. Inspired by the myth of Narcissus, and as a challenge to the Avedon idea that a photograph is about a relationship between two people, Heyert takes us through the looking glass, capturing her subjects unaware through a one-way mirror in a series of 15-minute photo-sessions. The volume includes 24 of those color portraits--a 12 year-old beauty queen dressed as Barbie, an aging male bodybuilder, a bejeweled socialite and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, among them--caught gazing into their own eyes. This book's design, created by the Amsterdam-based studio Featuring, hinges on Heyert's use of candid triptych close-ups of each portrait, presented in three-panel gatefolds, which reveal subtle inconsistencies amidst the cosmetic perfection of her subjects.